Their customer service definitely makes them stand out.

“They’re very careful about who’s handling the client relations and who’s answering the phones, that’s definitely a differentiator for SimplyLegal.

— Raquel Gomes

Iris Tattoo

The availability is 24/7.

“It feels like this is somebody from my team. It becomes a habit counting on your legal team. I needed to feel like that had my back and I felt like they did.

— Nahuel Hilal

RMG Staffing

Mj really understands how the mindset of an entrepreneur works and that’s what legally helped me engage with her.

“It was a very engaging conversation and understanding of how I do business so she could translate that to her team.

— Ricardo Michelangeli

Real Estate Investor

The following up they do is very impressive.

“There is something that I like, the following up they do is very impressive. They are requesting the meeting, the documents, the responses are pretty fast…

— Claudia Duque

Private Homeowner

I would describe SimplyLegal service the 21st century service.

“Everything was done fast and electronically which i would prefer unless I need to sign a document, I prefer to do it electronically. It was modern.

I have no issues with the time of response. Every concern and questions was answer thoroughly and quickly.”

— Pierre DeVesco

Private Homeowner

The service is top notch.

“If there’s a five star rating, they get a six star.

— Edith Snelling