Their customer service definitely makes them stand out.

“They’re very careful about who’s handling the client relations and who’s answering the phones, that’s definitely a differentiator for SimplyLegal.

— Raquel Gomes

Iris Tattoo

The availability is 24/7.

“It feels like this is somebody from my team. It becomes a habit counting on your legal team. I needed to feel like that had my back and I felt like they did.

— Nahuel Hilal

RMG Staffing

Mj really understands how the mindset of an entrepreneur works and that’s what legally helped me engage with her.

“It was a very engaging conversation and understanding of how I do business so she could translate that to her team.

— Ricardo Michelangeli

Real Estate Investor

The following up they do is very impressive.

“There is something that I like, the following up they do is very impressive. They are requesting the meeting, the documents, the responses are pretty fast…

— Claudia Duque

Private Homeowner

I would describe SimplyLegal service the 21st century service.

“Everything was done fast and electronically which i would prefer unless I need to sign a document, I prefer to do it electronically. It was modern.

I have no issues with the time of response. Every concern and questions was answer thoroughly and quickly.”

— Pierre DeVesco

Private Homeowner

The service is top notch.

“If there’s a five star rating, they get a six star.

— Edith Snelling

Family Business

Outstanding service.

“MJ is an exceptional lawyer and she has a dedicated team supporting both to her and the clients.”

— Carolina Ochoa

Viva La Pasta

They know what they are talking about.

“When you need some legal advice you need to go to people who actually know how to do it.

— Josh Lopez


Nothing but outstanding.

“Is not just us asking them, is them sharing with us what’s important from a law perspective.”

— Fernando Duque