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Subscription legal services

Legal services are not a one-time need, so we make it simple by providing ongoing legal support through a subscription service to offer advice and support as your business grows. Long gone are the days of worrying about billable hours and trying to budget legal fees to accomplish your business goals. Get peace of mind by knowing you have the protection and support of a legal team that is vested in your business and in making it grow. The various subscription packages are carefully crafted to satisfy typical business needs that include legal advice, document review, strategy sessions, and much more. It is like getting an in-house legal team without the overhead. Why wait?!

Choose the plan that fits your needs


Our subscription plans meet the needs of businesses at all stages of their growth and are based on our client expansion plans. As your needs change, you can choose a different subscription to ensure your legal needs are always met. Call us today so we can identify the right plan for you.



Fit for: This is a great fit for new businesses that are just getting started and need expert legal advice to make sure everything is set up accordingly.

Strategic Business Counsel

Strategic Business Counsel

Fit for: For those established businesses, we provide ongoing legal advice and propose strategies to help grow their business by moving away from being reactive to proactive in their expansion.

CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Fit for: Ideal for established businesses with over a million dollars in gross revenue that require more hands-on legal support and collaboration to minimize legal risk and secure the next growth stage.


  • Certainty of legal spend. You can fit us into your company’s budget. Set monthly price based on your current needs. No more hourly billing!
  • Our subscriptions are month to month, so there is no risk contract! We are confident you will love our services and the value you receive!
  • Easy access to our legal team
  • Be proactive! Get advice on a potential issue before it actually becomes one or grows into a possible litigation
  • Unlimited email legal support
  • Dedicated Client Experience team member to ensure you are receiving the benefits of your plan, and more! Customer service at its best
  • 100% money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Which legal subscription is best suited for my business?

Each subscription is meant to satisfy businesses at different stages in their cycle, from start-ups to businesses in the implementation stage, to established companies that want to grow their business. Our team can assist you in choosing the right plan for you.

What is included with each subscription?

Our goal with each subscription is to support and serve as an extension of your business. Each includes a document review, and consultations, amongst other services needed to protect and operate your business. All filing fees and out of pocket expenses are billed separetly.

How do I become a member of a subscription?

It is easy. Just let us know via email at which one of the subscription levels you wish to join, and we will get you set up! You can also schedule a consultation to discuss which plan fits your needs best.

Will the subscription cover all my legal needs?

Our subscriptions won’t cover all your legal needs, as they are focused on growth and protecting your business. As other services are needed, we offer a flat-fee rate to our subscribers with discounts to be applied depending on your membership.

What if I need a service that is not part of my subscription?

You can easily opt-in for that service knowing you will receive a competitive flat-fee rate with a discount depending on your membership type, or plan to upgrade your subscription.

Am I able to change my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can change your subscription at any time.

How does the billing for the subscription work?

Subscriptions will be billed on the last business day of the month for the services to be rendered the following month. You place a credit card on file and we do the rest.

When can I access my attorney?

Through our subscription services only, you have access to your attorney via phone or video call at any time with 48 hours notice, subject to availability.

What is the cancellation policy?

We are so confident that you will love our subscription services that you won’t cancel. In the event you do, you can cancel at any time since it is a month-to-month subscription service. Any remaining services will terminate at the end of the following month.

What is the difference between document review and document negotiation?

When we review a document, you will receive a term sheet with all the important clauses in the agreement we reviewed, along with suggestions of clauses that
should be changed, eliminated, or added. On the other hand, document negotiation involves us communicating with the other party or their legal representative in regards to the modifications we require in an agreement, which we redline (aka markup) and go back and forth until it is satisfactorily finalized.

What is a third-party letter?

When a vendor is not providing you with what you paid for, a past employee is spreading rumors about your company and affecting your business, or you have an unpaid invoice, we’ve got you. Scary attorney letter coming right up!