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South Florida’s real estate market is like none other in the world. With everyone flocking to its beautiful cities and growing communities, having an experienced team in a real estate transaction is vital! Our legal team provides a holistic approach to representing our clients in these transactions because we know that it’s not just about the property, but the impact that the transaction has in other aspects of clients’ lives. Our proactive philosophy ensures that we address all foreseeable pitfalls ahead, and our creative approach is the key to resolving them. A successful closing is our goal!. At SimplyLegal, we support our clients (buyer, seller, and lenders!) from start to finish in the following matters:

➥  Commercial and residential closings;

➥  Title examination and policy issuance;

➥  Escrow services;

➥  Review of condominium or other association documents;

➥  Land Trust formation;

➥  Holding company formation;

➥  Opinion letters and title insurance;

➥  Due diligence;

➥  Phase I and Phase II environmental management;

➥  Mortgages;

➥  Private lender packages and representations;

➥  Refinancing;

➥  Loan document review and negotiation;

➥  Deed preparation;

➥  Commercial landlord and tenant matters;

➥  Commercial, retail, and residential leasing, renewals, and amendments;

➥  Drafting and filing of condominium documents and planned developments;

➥  Land use and zoning;

➥  Permit expedition;

➥  Code or building violation resolution;

➥  Acquisitions and dispositions for foreign investors;

➥  Joint ventures;

➥  Real estate mergers and acquisitions; 

➥  Developer agreements; 

➥  Among other complex real estate transactions;


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We can assist with the following
real estate matters:

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