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W2 or 1099?

How to Decide What’s Right for Your Business!

A Free Online Workshop for Business Owners to Save Their Companies from Costly Mistakes (and IRS Audits…)

Don’t Let a Misclassification Cost Your Company Thousands!

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Your Host:

MJ Granados-Godoy, Esq.

Founding Attorney, SimplyLegal
Business Owner
Legal Badass

What to Expect

Understand the Risks

Goal Set

Protect Your Assets

Why We Created This Online Workshop

Business owners need a team to grow their businesses.  

But growing a team comes with risks.  And a HUGE one is their proper classification.  

I’ve seen too many business owners get slapped with incredible fines from the IRS, have to pay back wages, and even go bankrupt all because they didn’t understand the rules of who could be a 1099 Contractor,  and who had to be a W2 employee.

What’s worse, they didn’t know how to protect some of their most precious assets, like their clients, intellectual property, and the rest of their team, from bad actors.

That’s why I created this workshop – so you know who can technically be a 1099, and who can’t, and how to keep your business safe and running smoothly no matter what. 

That’s employee classification, made simple.