Wendolyne “Wen”


Executive/Legal Assistant

Personal mantra:

A little better than you found it”

Let’s get personal:

Wen was raised and born in Guadalajara, Mexico, she lives with her family which includes her two dogs, Lara and Dobby, and her 15-year-old “Tortuguita”. She is a very creative person that enjoys doing anything that lets her mind wander, such as writing, photography, and video editing. Wen also loves learning and practicing new hobbies like playing the ukulele.

Causes she supports:

Women’s empowerment, Animals’ rights, and Environmental causes.


Wen has ample experience in administrative tasks, and legal assisting, and is always looking for creative and proactive solutions to any matter she handles. Wen is now focusing on Real Estate transactions, making sure every party is meeting all the deadlines and all documents are completed correctly, while still making client relations her priority.

Professional experience:

Wendolyne has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and up until now, she has been working alongside executives in high-ranking organizations, assisting them with administrative tasks. With her degree, Wen has been able to work in diverse industries, including insurance companies, accounting firms, and an agency for foreign/abroad studies, all of which have helped her develop amazing costumer service skills, and the ability to pay close attention to details.

What do you want the client to feel when working with you?

“I want our clients to feel that they are trusting someone who cares about their matter and interest and is working responsibly on every task.”


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