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At SIMPLYLEGAL, our Miami business lawyers have years of experience helping companies of all sizes in Florida navigate the legal processes. From the beginning, we put in the time and effort to get to know you, your business, and your goals. By understanding your needs, we are better able to advise and counsel you. Our attorneys are straightforward and help you set realistic expectations while achieving a favorable outcome for you and your business.

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Comprehensive Legal Services for Businesses in Florida

Day in and day out, business owners and executives encounter legal challenges and situations they may not have the experience or time to address. The business law attorneys at SIMPLYLEGAL have a thorough understanding of the law and its application to various industries. Our aim is to provide sound legal advice and practical solutions for business owners. Let a Miami business attorney handle your legal matters so you can remain focused on the growth of your business. We can also help your company or corporation with complex business transactions. Reach out today for guidance. We serve those in Miami-Dade, Broward, and South Florida.

General Counsel Services for Florida Businesses

At SIMPLYLEGAL we provide general counsel services to companies that do not have an in-house legal team and provide overflow services to large companies whose legal department needs assistance efficiently addressing legal matters. The purpose of hiring a business attorney for general counsel services is to help manage risk, navigate business transactions, and keep your business compliant. From drafting and negotiating documents and agreements, creating templates, to counseling, we are here to help your business succeed and grow while avoiding any legal inconveniences to your business. Give us a call to go over our general counsel services plans* to determine your business needs.

*General Counsel prices vary as it is tailored to the size and needs of the business.

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Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? Here’s What You Need.

To start an LLC, you’ll need to file Articles of Organization, a Certificate of Formation, or some other formation document, with the state department in which you’re forming your LLC. Then, you’ll need to apply for an Employment Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS. With these documents in hand, you can open a business bank account and apply for a business credit card. Lastly, depending on the state, you may need an operating agreement as well. However, even if it’s not required by law, all LLCs should have an operating agreement since this document can help you customize how you run your business and protects you against possible liabilities you may face as a business owner.

What is an Operating Agreement for LLC?

An operating agreement is a contract between the company and its members (i.e. owners). This contract is important because it states how a company is managed both in the day-to-day and under special circumstances, such as how to sell your interest (i.e. ownership) in the company to someone else. This contract also details your duties as a member and the role of the manager, if one is elected.

Whether an operating agreement is required depends on the state your register your company. However, it’s a good idea to have one even if it’s not required. An operating agreement allows you to customize how you want to run your business so you don’t have to rely on a state’s default laws which may not suit your needs. It also helps avoid conflict between members by clearly delineating the rights of members and what to do in case of a conflict.

Even if you are the only owner of an LLC, it’s still a good idea to have an operating agreement because sometimes it’s required for certain business transactions. Operating agreements also help protect you from liability since it’s evidence that you are actually a company and not just an individual running a business, which could leave your personal assets very vulnerable in case of a lawsuit.

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Even the most experienced professionals can benefit from the valuable assistance that our practiced business attorneys provide. We closely analyze every detail of your matter to ensure the best outcome for our you and your business — big or small. If you need legal help involving your business in Miami, schedule a consultation at SIMPLYLEGAL today.

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