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Part of running a business in Florida also means ensuring that you have the right legal documents in place to protect it. Let SIMPLYLEGAL tailor each agreement to meet your needs and protect your business to the fullest extent possible! Whether the document relates to outside vendors, internal employees, or business operations in general, it should be written carefully with your best interests in mind.

Six Tips on How to Write a Business Contract

Creating an enforceable business contract is difficult. To ensure that your interests and business objectives are fully protected, consider reaching out to the contract lawyers at SIMPLYLEGAL! Learn more about our business counsel services here!

To Get Started:

  • Put it in Writing
    • Oral agreements exist, but they are difficult to enforce because people’s memories are faulty and it is easy to misinterpret what was said in a conversation. With written proof, you can reference it when needed!

  • Be Specific and Detailed
    • To ensure that the rights and obligations of each party are covered, specifically state what these are. Be sure to update the contract if you and your partners change the terms.

  • Use Understandable Language
    • It is not necessary to use complex legal terms in your contract. Create a contract that is specific and easy to understand for all parties.

  • Consider Adding a Confidentiality Agreement
    • When doing business with another party, they may gain access to your business practices or trade secrets. If you do not want them sharing this information, a confidentiality agreement is essential.

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  • Consider Adding Clauses for Disputes
    • Not all partnerships are perfect. In case, it may be in your best interest to add clauses. In the event of a business dispute, add a clause if either parties decide to enter mediation, arbitration, or both. In addition, if the other party is located out of state, make sure to consider which state’s laws will govern if there is a dispute. Also consider including a clause that awards legal fees to a winning party. Without this, each party must pay for fees.

  • Include Language on How to Terminate the Contract
    • Describe what it means to terminate the contract. For example, if a party violates part of the contract, misses payments or does not perform their obligations, any of these can be grounds for terminating the contract

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We draft and negotiate business documents such as:

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If you need to draft or negotiate an agreement, ensure that your business is protected with the help of a business lawyer in Miami from SIMPLYLEGAL. We have years of experience helping businesses in Florida and provide cost-effective services. Reach out to our firm today.

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