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Every type of business structure has advantages and drawbacks. As your company develops and changes, a structure that made sense at the beginning of your business venture might no longer feel appropriate. Fortunately, you don’t need to dissolve your current entity and reform it as a new structure. Our team at SIMPLYLEGAL can help you successfully complete a business entity conversion.

Also called a statutory conversion or simply a change of business entity, a business entity conversion allows you to legally change your business from one structure to another without having to dissolve it. Generally, your ownership interests and liabilities will transfer to the newly converted entity. A business entity conversion is not the only way to change your business structure, but it is arguably the simplest and most affordable.

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How to Convert Your Company in Florida

The company conversion process differs by state, the type of company being converted, and the type of structure it will become.

Generally, however, the process requires three basic documents:

  1. A Plan of Conversion: a set of terms and conditions, rights and responsibilities, and other organizational information (usually includes a statement of continuing existence and a statement of conversion approval)
  2. Articles of Incorporation: business formation documentation, dependent on the type of entity your company will become
  3. A Certificate of Conversion: a document that puts the conversion into effect (typically includes tax information, details of the conversion process, and plan approval statement); also called the Articles of Statement of Conversion

The company conversion process begins with a basic set of forms, but you will need the support of our team at SIMPLYLEGAL to ensure you include all necessary documentation.

Let Us Help You Accomplish Your Business Goals

You may be considering an entity conversion for a wide variety of reasons. Tax considerations, public shares and investment, business formality requirements, and decision-making flexibility are just a handful of the factors that may lead you to change your business structure. At SIMPLYLEGAL, we won’t just guide you through this process—we can assess your situation and ensure the conversion process puts you in the best possible position to accomplish your long-term goals.

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