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When you are busy running your business or planning your next investment venture, you want your legal team to be proactive, creative problem solvers, and efficient. SimplyLegal is a nontraditional law firm dedicated to minimizing your legal risks, while maximizing your ROI. As a flat fee and subscription-based law firm, we understand that expense predictability is crucial for profitability. We create client trust by prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering service we are proud of.

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Meet the Team

Our diverse team serves as an extension of your business, dedicated to assisting you in all your legal, business, and real estate needs. Providing quality and professional work since 2009, feel confident that you have an expert team to protect your interests and resolve your matters. Long-term relationships are created because as your needs change, we are right there to pick up the task. We speak Spanish and Portuguese. Get to know us.

100% money-back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the work delivered to you, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. We want to give our clients peace of mind in working with us.

Disrupting the Legal Industry to Provide More Value to Our Clients 

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Predictable Costs

We are a flat fee firm! We understand how businesses operate and the importance of budgeting. No more fear of the unknown invoices!

We Walk the Talk

Our firm is run like a responsible business with policies and procedures, financial controls, and constant metrics reviews. This allows us to deliver excellent work product, fantastic client experience, and no added fluff costs because we know our costs of goods sold. What does that mean to our
clients? Fair prices with built-in ADDED VALUE IN OUR SERVICES.

Client-Focused Goals

We care about the company’s goals, as well as their principals. Having a global understanding of our clients and their principals allows us to create strategies to support their expansion.

Money-Back Guarantee

Since our priority is building a relationship with our clients and being part of their growth, we have very high client satisfaction. In the rare event our clients are not satisfied with our services,

Real Estate


Expert legal counsel to protect your investment in residential and commercial real estate transactions

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Corporate and Business

Corporate and

Legal business counsel to guide you through strategies of growth and expansion in your business transactions

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Blockchain Businesses

Blockchain Businesses

Applying blockchain technology to your investment portfolio or to your real world business with expert legal guidance

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Subscription Legal Services


Growth and expansion are intentional and time-consuming. The first stage of growth is through hustle, market sell, and there is barely any time or budget set apart to the structure of the business. The business is in reactive mode. We created our Subscription Legal Plans to move our clients from reactive to proactive mode by designating a team to build the structure for the business’ next stage of growth. Stop putting out fires that are slowing your business down! Add our team as your legal department to stay focused on what you do best for your business!

Our Commitment to Excellence

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We take pride in creating a family environment not only for our clients but for our employees. It takes a special person to embrace our culture and desire to be a part of something special. At SimplyLegal, we facilitate career success by providing opportunities to shine, our team is our SUPERPOWER. We foster an inclusive workforce and embrace a shared set of core values based on character, relationships, work ethic, and giving back to the communities we live and work in.